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Live Time Clocks in PowerPoint PPT Slides




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This is an amazing Dome Analog Clock from that is nothing but a PowerPoint PPT Slide that has an Analog Clock with needles that show Real Time it takes from your computer clock. The Free Download link of the PPT File is This MatsClock PPT Slide can be used in your PowerPoint Presentation absolutely Royalty-Free. 

We have been giving away Royalty Free Clocks embedded in PowePoint Slides at since 2010. You can find over 1000 Digital Clocks and Analog Clocks at this website. All MatsClocks are absolutely Free to Download.

MatsClock 240123 - Free PowerPoint Digital Clock PPT Timer Date & Live Time


MatsClocks are Free Digital Clocks embedded in PowerPoint PPT Slides to displays Live Time and Date on fullscreen to your audience and keep them mesmerised. MatsClocks adds a professional touch to your Presentation well before your Presentations actually starts. MatsClocks will Earn Your Respect and keeps your Audience attentive all through your Presentation. Visit and get over a 1000 Free Digital Clock PowerPoint Digital Clocks PPT files and even Flash SWF format Analog Clocks. All MatsClock downloaded from are absolutely Free to Download and Royalty-Free to use and Share Freely.

MatsClock 120123 Full Free PowerPoint Digital Clock PPT Timer Date & Liv...

MatsClock 120123 - Watch Live Time and Date on Full Screen in a PowerPoint PPT Slide. You can Free Download over a 1000 FREE Digital Clock PPT Files and Analog Clocks SWF Flash files from which is the Official MatsClock website where we have been giving away all our MatsClocks absolutely Free. Believe it or not, all our PowerPoint Clock files can be used in your PowerPoint Projects absolutely Royalty-Free.

Free Digital Clock 120015

 Free Digital Clock 120015


MatsClock 120015 is a Free PowerPoint Digital Clock from which has been providing digital clocks and analog clocks for free download to the world for over a decade. The website is just a portal to showcase the talent and hobby of the designer. Just sharing this link will give the author enough appreciation and motivation to continue to provide even more free digital and analog clocks for using in PowerPoint and other Presentations. The MatsClock 120015 is great timer design which displays time on a full screen mode from left to right inside an orange frame and background. In case you want only digital clock for your PowerPoint Presentations then visit and download all the digital clocks you want. In case you want to have the AM/PM version digital clocks and 24 hour format digital clocks then visit And these clocks are designed on the latest version of PowerPoint Software which forms part of Microsoft 365 which is an official Microsoft website. Visit Microsoft 365 website and Update Your PowerPoint Software

Free Digital Clock 120014

 Free Digital Clock 120014


MatsClock 120014 is Free Digital Clock designed in PowerPoint which can be downloaded absolutely Free from This website has been providing analog clocks and digital clocks for over a decade to everyone in the world absolutely free. You may need latest version of PowerPoint installed in your computer, laptop, phones etc to be able to display this digital timer clock. The clocks runs in full screen with beautiful maroon colored brick wall background with bright white unique font. The clock is very simple yet gives a highly professional look to your Presentation. Imagine a digital clock timer displaying time in a digital format from the left to the right across the entire screen width. The digital clock is free to download directly from the link below the video. You could also get other digital clocks for PowerPoint PPT presentations from Everything you get from the website is absolutely free to download, use and share on any medium without any modifications.

Free Digital Clock 120013

 Free Digital Clock 120013a


MatsClock 120013 is a Free PowerPoint Digital Clock from which has been providing Free Digital Clocks and Analog Clocks to the world absolutely Free for over a decade.

Why do I give away our work free? Just because it gives us pleasure in giving. As such I love doing unique things on my computer. If it benefits someone, then why not. It would not cost me anything except for my time and effort. It is my hobby. The byproduct is my website and I let people benefit from it if they need the stuff I create.

With the Free PowerPoint Digital Clocks I have given here for free download could give your PowerPoint Presentation a professional touch. Most often I see people displaying captions like Keep Your Mobiles Off. Instead show the time on a full screen mode.

Free Digital Clock 120012


Free Digital Clock 120012


This is a Free Digital Clock from which is designed and provided absolutely free for download and sharing by anyone on any medium without any modification. Use this digital clock Free during your PowerPoint Presentations. You will be making your audience amazed with this beautiful full screen digital clock time running flawlessly and smoothly without eating up your computer or laptop resources. 
The digital clock is actually a macro enabled PowerPoint show which runs the moment you double click the downloaded file and move your mouse over the digits on the screen like magic. The digital clock is absolutely free to download and costs you nothing.
I aim to make the internet free for users like me who are not computer programmers or experts. My website has been providing free analog and digital clocks to people around the world for over a decade now.


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