Free Digital Clock 120001

Free Digital Clock - MatsClock 120001


MatsClock 120001 is a Free Digital Clock designed for full-screen presentations. Displaying a simple Digital Clock like MatsClock 120001 which is a free digital clock available in 12 Hour, 24 Hour and AM/PM format at www.MatsClock.Com You will find loads of digital clocks and analog clocks for PowerPoint presentations at the website all of which are free to download, use and even distribute without modifications. Click the video above to watch this digital clock actually running on youtube in full-screen mode. Free Download Digital Clock 120001 and start using it now.
You may show a digital clock to your audience for gaining some respect. PowerPoint does not allow any live digital clock to be shown during slide shows. But the MatsClock 120001 Free Digital Clock uses a Macro Enabled PowerPoint Presentation format to show real-time display using PowerPoint.  Read more

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